Kioi Junior Biography, Recognitions and Education

Kioi Junior died of illness while being treated at KU Referral Hospital, where he had been admitted for a few days. Kioi Junior is a well-known Kenyan talented singer, musical artist, guitarist, and recording artist known for his songs “Niunguaga Waana,” “Kirimu Tanie,” “Linah,” “Sabina Wakwa,” “Wahikire Niki?” and many more.

Kioi Junior was well known for his Mugiithi genre singles and EPs and has also done several music tours across African countries. Kioi Junior left thousands of his fans and loved ones heartbroken, and the fans took to social media to pay tribute to their favourite artist.

As the younger brother of popular musical artist Magua Kioi and the cousin of evangelist Elijah Miller, Kioi Junior has earned his early success and fan base through his family’s music background.

Kioi Junior Biography

Kioi Junior, was born on March 10, 1989, in Muranga, Kenya and after that, he moved to Nairobi in Kenya and settled there. Kioi Junior was 35 years old as of 2024, and on April 29, 2024, he died after suffering from a health issue and was admitted to the hospital before he took his last breath at the KU Referral Hospital. His heartbreaking death was made known to his fans and loved ones by a fellow artist, Kikuyu, on Tuesday, April 30.

NameKioi Junior
Real NameGibson Kioi Wairimu
Date Of BirthMarch 10, 1989
ProfessionMusical artist, Guitarist, and Recording artist
Place Of BirthMuranga, Kenya
Age35 Years Old
Date Of DeathApril 29, 2024
Zodiac SignNot Known

Kioi Junior has been involved in some controversies, such as being an atheist and non-believer in God. Many are blaming this reason as the cause for his death, but some sources say that he was constantly involved in many debates due to his views on religion and due to this, he has faced a lot of criticism. 

Kioi Junior was born with his real name, Gibson Kioi Wairimu, but later, others gave him the nickname Kioi Junior. His father, Mr Kioi Senior, and mother, Mrs Kioi, and he grew up with his younger brother, Magua Kioi. His whole family has contributed a lot to the Kenyan music industry.

Due to his strong family connection to music, Kioi Junior learned music at a very early age and played guitar and other musical instruments. His maternal uncle, veteran Benga artist Kamande wa Kioi, was his most inspirational person towards music. Kioi Junior also has a sister named Peninah Shish Kioi and a cousin, James Mwangi Kamande, whom he mentioned on his Facebook account.

Kioi Jr. was born in Kambiti, Muranga County, and his cousin Elijah Miller was a Gospel Minister. His other family members, Emily Kioi and Mark Kamande Kioi, were also involved in gospel ministry.

Alongside his music career, Kioi Junior has also marked his career in the engineering world. Kioi Junior was a great civil engineer who had constructed many buildings in the Kenyan region.

Kioi Junior Education

Kioi Junior studied at Nairobi School of Arts and graduated in 2003. Before that, he received his primary education from the School of Darkness and Evil. He graduated from the University of Nairobi with a civil engineering degree.

Kioi Jr. first became popular by joining Kamande wa Kioi’s band. He also attended Kambiti Secondary School and later a high school along Jogoo Road, Nairobi. He was just 15 years old when he started debating the truth about religion.

Sources also say that Kioi started reading the Bible and Quran to learn more and search for answers, and after that, he decided to become an Atheist. Kioi once revealed that he believes in science and belongs to the Global Atheist Republic.

After completing his education, Kioi Junior decided to focus on music, and in 2008, he began his music career. Kioi was mainly interested in the Kikuyu Mugithi genre and has released many songs on YouTube and other music platforms.

Kioi Junior Awards and Recognitions

Kioi has also won several recognitions at local award functions, and his tours often get him a houseful. He came to the limelight after he appeared on a radio show hosted by Gukena FM, where he expressed his religious beliefs. He is an atheist, but he was raised with values that were taught in Christianity.

Being raised in a religious environment, he never thought about becoming an atheist, but something made him change his mind. Despite facing all criticism, he never looked back and always helped others, making him a good person. Kioi Junior has also been quoted as saying he didn’t wish his wife and children to attend church.

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